At Fegan’s Sports Apparel, we believe in transparent pricing that reflects the quality and value of our custom products and services. Whether you’re looking for artwork preparation, embroidery, or screen printing, we’re here to provide you with competitive pricing that meets your needs and budget.

Artwork Pricing

The foundation of any quality custom order is the artwork. Whether you provide your own design or collaborate with our graphic artists, we ensure that your artwork is prepared and formatted to perfection for the embroidery or screen printing process. Please note that there is a one-time artwork fee associated with this service.

Embroidery & Screen Printing Pricing

Our pricing is based on several factors to ensure that you receive the best value for your investment:

1. Quantity: The cost per item decreases with quantity, as each design requires a different setup. We offer creative design solutions to help you minimize the quantity of designs while maximizing impact.

2. Brand or Style: Some brands or styles may be more expensive, but we work with you to choose quality items that fit your budget without compromising on style or performance.

3. Print Locations: Each location that artwork is placed on the apparel requires a different setup, influencing the overall cost. Our team offers creative and strategic design solutions to fit your budget without compromising your design vision.

4. Stitch Count (for embroidery orders): The size and complexity of the artwork affect the number of stitches required, which in turn impacts the cost. We offer design, placement, and apparel solutions to reduce the stitch count and optimize your order. Additionally, please be aware that providing your own artwork for embroidery may incur a digitizing fee based on the stitch count.

5. Artwork (for screen printing orders): Each color in the artwork requires a different setup, as well as a base layer, which can increase the cost of an order. Our team can assist in modifying your design and/or apparel choices to optimize color and reduce costs.

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